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Practice Profile

This is a medical practice for a specialist surgeon. Either public or private patients requiring surgery may be referred to the practice through the hospital system, another specialist or a General Practitioner. This practice provides patients with medical treatment and surgery equivalent to that which is found in major cities. The practice prides itself on its ability to provide the highest level of surgical care for patients within their own community. The patient is able to recover within a comfortable, known and caring environment – without the stress of unnecessary travel and cost.

Practice Background

Morgan House was purpose built as a surgical medical practice by Mr Chambers in 1994.  The objective of the new facilities was to provide a high level of surgical service to clients within Mildura and the surrounding area. The building includes: a procedure room; sterilising room; two consulting suites; staff and patient amenities; waiting room for patients; a hospital booking area; a file room; and a staff work station.

Mission Statement

This practice aims to provide the Sunraysia community with the highest level of medical advice and surgical care. We aim to do this in a caring and supportive environment where everyone is valued. We require staff to be open, friendly and supportive of each other and the patients. Everyone at the practice is required to treat all information about the surgeon, other staff members and the patients confidentially.

Practice Philosophy

A high quality practice for all of the community

This medical practice has been designed to provide the highest possible professional service for the community within and around Mildura. Access to this service is made available to both public and private patients. Private patients are guaranteed an appointment with the surgeon within two weeks unless the surgeon is on leave. Public patients with a confirmed life threatening condition, such as breast or bowel cancer, are also seen within a fortnight.

A practice which undergoes constant evaluation for improvement

The Practice Manager and staff meet formally – usually fortnightly at staff meetings. Informal meetings between the Practice Manager and Staff are held daily. Everyone in the practice is invited to add items to a meeting agenda for discussion. Ongoing evaluation of the running of the practice has led to policies and procedures which work in the best interest for the smooth and efficient running of the practice for all parties – patients, staff and surgeon.

A practice which aims to remain abreast of current developments in the field

The practice encourages the professional development of both staff and practitioners. In recent years new procedures have been introduced by the surgeons into the practice such as Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy and Laparoscopic Abdominal Surgery. Ongoing professional development and training is encouraged within the practice for surgeons and the staff. In recent years staff have undergone training in recent developments in first aid, bariatric surgery, sterilisation, the use of Argus and accounting procedures.

A practice which is sensitive to the needs of patients

One of the most important criteria for the employment of staff is that they are caring and sensitive to others. Staff are required to carry out their duties so that the patient receives fast ongoing support, communication and assistance. A nurse may be present for examinations and to assist the surgeon.

A practice which implements current guidelines on privacy and confidentiality

The practice has a policy on privacy and confidentiality which it takes seriously. All staff and people who have access to confidential material within the practice are required to sign a confidentiality agreement. All new patients from 2002 onwards have been required to fill out a permission form regarding access to and use of medical knowledge by surgeons. No personal medical information is given to patients by anyone other than the surgeon that the patient is seeing. Information is passed onto other medical people with the patient’s approval.

A practice which strives to ensure the safety of its patients

The practice uses a steriliser which is line with Australia Standards. As a result there is a printer attached to the meditrax system for sterilising all instruments used at the surgery. The computer records that the instruments have been sterilised to the correct temperature and documents the date and time the sterilisation took place. When an instrument is used on a patient then a corresponding tab is placed in the patient’s file. This tab records the date the instruments were sterilised, the load and verification that the instruments were sterilised according to correct standards. Regular audits are carried out on the efficiency of the sterliliser.